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Dr. C. Chinchu

Dr. C. Chinchu C. is the faculty member of Social Science division. He is also a Psychologist, Personnel Trainer, Writer and Research Consultant. His research interest lies in intersectional research concerned with people’s lives. He has journal publications, book chapter, and popular writings in diverse areas to his credit, and has undertaken research projects in the areas of disability rehabilitation, skill development, tribal development, etc. as principal investigator and co-investigator. A member of professional bodies including APA, and also associated with ASCENT, Kozhikode a non-profit.

Dr. P.N. Damodaran

Dr. P.N. Damodaran is a scientist cum faculty member of the Department of Microbiology. He has more than two decades of experience in research and teaching. Prior to this, he was working with College of National Sciences, South Korea as an Assistant Professor of Life Sciences. He has also worked with other institutions in South Korea, China and India as a researcher and academician. He has to his credits two books and several publications.

Dr. M. Lalithambika

Dr. M. Lalithambika is the former Director and Senior Scientist of IRTC. She retired as the Deputy Director of CSIR-NIIST. She has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from IIT Kanpur and is also an expert in Analytical Chemistry. She is an eminent contributor in the field of Clay Science & Ceramic Technology in India. Her involvements in the sector of pottery brought drastic changes in the life of many who depends on it.

Prof. B.M. Musthafa

Prof. B.M. Musthafa is the Head of the Department of the Energy Division of IRTC. He retired as the Head of the Department of Department of Physics from Government College, chitter with more than three decades of teaching experience. After retirement he joined in IRTC as coordinator of PFA-NHWDP. At present, he is engaged as the Research coordinator of IRTC.

Dr. Rajesh K.

Dr. Rajesh K. is the Senior Fellow and Head of the Social Sciences Division of IRTC and a visiting fellow of many national organisations. He has a PhD in Development Studies from Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore on People’s Planning Campaign and the Kerala Development Programme. Rajesh has several publications to his credit, including two books on decentralised planning in Kerala. He has keen research interests in the areas of governance and decentralised planning, public policy research, democracy and development, marginalisation and social exclusion, gender and development, education and research methodology.

Dr. V.R. Reghunandanan

Dr. Reghunandanan is the Head of the Department of Solid Waste Management Division in IRTC. He is an Environmental Scientist with 37 Years of experience in teaching, research and extension put up in the Kerala Agriculture University and Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. His researches find amicable ways to address the larger issues of waste management. He is in the forefront to disseminate the information related to waste management to the public and practitioners.

R. Satheesh

R. Satheesh is the Head of the Department of Natural Resource Management Division at IRTC. He is an engineer with three decades of experience in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of watershed developing and natural resource management projects. He is also an expert in GIS Technology. He has worked as faculty member at KILA. He has coordinated the implementation of research and development projects funded by Central, State and Local Governments and NABAD.

Dr. K.K. Seethalakshmi

Dr. K.K. Seethalakshmi is the Senior Scientist at IRTC. She retired From Kerala Forest Research Institute as Scientist and Programme Coordinator, of Sustainable Forest Management Division & Coordinator, National Bamboo Mission, Peechi. She has written several books and has to credit several journal publications. She has made a remarkable contribution in the lives of many through her dedicated intervention in the sector.

A.N. Sivadas

Project Scientist

Anand Sebastian

Anand Sebastian is the Project Scientist under the Natural Resource Management Division. He is an expert in Remote Sensing and GIS. He has a wide range of research experience in environmental science and climate change. He obtained his masters from Mangalore University. He handles the coordination of different projects and training activities of the division in the area of GIS and Remote Sensing. He has various journal publications in diverse areas to his credit.

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