Major Completed Projects

1 Developing a model for implementation of the Integrated Rural Energy programme at the Panchayath level with peoples participation(Kalliasseri Total Energy Programme-(KTEP) 1993-1995 Agency for Non- Conventional Energy and Rural Technology(ANERT), Gov. of Kerala
2 Setting up Environmental Information System (ENVIS) on Environment and Rural Development 1994-1995 Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt.of India
3 Up gradation of Skills of Traditional masons in cost Effective Techniques in building construction. 1994-1995 Science Technology and Environment Committees (STEC) Govt.of Kerala
4 Integrated Development of Moriculture, Sericulture, Reeling, weaving , Garment Making and byproduct Utilization involving Poor Peasants and rural youth- A Pilot Project 1994-1995 Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt.of India
5 Inventorying and monitoring and conserving the Biodiversity of the Western Ghats through Local People and colleges-case study of Meenvallom, Palakkad, Kerala 1994-1996 Centre for Ecological Science (CES), IISc, Bangalore.
6 Developing a model for participatory integrated development of a rural village in the western ghat region through a small hydro programme (Meenvallom SHP study) 1994-1998 STEC & ANERT, Govt. of Kerala
7 Integrated Resource Planning and DEFENDUS for Kerala 1994-1996 IEI, Bangalore
8 Local Enterprise through Aquaculture Production 2006- 2009 DST
9 Renovation of a pond with cost effective and Innovative Techniques at Ambalappara Panchayath, Ottappalam, Palakkad, Kerala 1997 Ambalappara Panchayath and Dept of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala
10 A detailed investigation in to the distribution losses in a typical major section in Kerala and the influence of lower sub- transmission voltages on the energy flow s within the major section. 1997-1998 KRPLLD, CDS Thiruvananthapuram
11 Critical Evaluation of Aquaculture
DST KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
12 A co-ordinate Project for participatory Development of mini and micro Hydel resources in the western Ghats(WGSHP) 1997- 2001
13 Setting up of a field group for the dissemination of improved wood burning stoves involving artisans and rural youth (DESS) 1997- 2000 DST, Govt. of India
14 Development of Hot box 2003- 2004 DST, Govt. of India
15 Evaluation of developmental activities done in Attappady 1998 AHADS, Attappady
16 Micro Level Action Plans for Eco Restoration of Development Unit 8 (DU8) in Attappady, Kerala 1998 AHADS, Attappady
17 Study on the possibilities of improving fish marketing system of Palakkad District 1998- 1999 Palakkad District Panchayath
18 Distribution system improvement in a Grama Panchayath; The Kalliassery case study (KTEP- follow up) 1998- 2000 In house
19 Transformation of Urban Ecology in Thiruvananthapuram (1901- 1991)- An approach to micro level planning 1998- 2000 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
20 Study on the participatory irrigation management in Kerala 1998- 2000 NISTADS, New Delhi
21 An action plan for improving the Drinking water availability and sanitation status in Akatthethara Panchayath, Palakkad, Kerala 1998- 2001 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
22 Preparation of coastal zone master plan for Thrissur District, Kerala 1998- 2001 Thrissur District Panchayath
23 project for evolving a model field network of self-sustainable Rabbit rearing and fur processing units as an income generating activity for women in Kerala 1998- 2001 DST, Govt. of India
24 A Micro Hydel Station using Pump as Turbine .(Kavarakkundu Micro- Hydel and drinking water project) Palakkad, Kerala 1998- 2003 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram and Malampuzha Grama Panchayath
25 Field testing of an electronic load controller for a micro Hydel station using pump as turbine and induction motor as generator 1998- 2003 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
26 Preparation of Watershed based development project for Palakkad Dist, Kerala Preparation of integrated watershed based master plan for Mundathikkode Panchayath, Thrissur, Dist., Kerala 1999- 2000 DRDA, Palakkad, Mundathikkode Grama Panchayath
27 Effects of High Harmonics in Electrical System 1999- 2002 KSEB
28 Popularization of Inclined Upward Tapping in Rubber Trees for Substantial Yield Increase and Reduced Brown Blast Incidence 1999- 2001 DST, Govt. of India
29 Solid Waste Management project in Chalakkudy Municipality 1999- 2001 Chalakkudy Municipality
30 Participatory Resource Mapping Thavannur 2004- 2005 Thavannur Grama Panchayath KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
31 Service Area Approach and Utilizing Bank Credits in the Development of Kerala- A Case Study of Kannur Dist. 1999- 2001
32 An action research on empowering gram-sabhas 1999- 2001 NSPDART, New Delhi
33 Rain Water Harvesting System in Akatthethara Panchayath, Palakkad 1999- 2001 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
34 Local history of women’s participation in the freedom movement and socio- political movement in Kerala: analysis and documentation 1999- 2001 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
35 Terracotta Value Addition 2010- 2012 DST WHO& MHFW Govt. of India
36 Building Capacities of Women’s Groups on Women’s Health 1999- 2002
37 Study on the Possibilities of Evolving a Locally Appropriate and Integrated Credit Plan for Akatthethara Panchayath 1999- 2002 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
38 Promoting Waste Treatment Initiatives in LSG Institutions in Kerala through Technology Adaptation and Transfer 1999- 2002 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
39 Field Testing of a Wood Burning Gasifier for Energy Generation and Evaluating the Performance using Coconut Palm Products 1999- 2002 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
40 A Techno-Socio-Economic Study on Living and Working Conditions of the Potter Communities of Kerala 1999- 2002 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
41 Local Enterprises in Aquaculture Production (LEAP) 1999- 2003 DST, Govt. of India
42 Studies on the Influence of Subsurface Dam on Groundwater Table- Thrangali 1999- 2003 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
43 Temporal and special variation in tidal hydrodynamics and SW monsoon flooding in Kaivayal micro watershed 1999- 2004 STEC, Govt. of Kerala
44 PRM and Watershed Delineation of Kalanjoor Grama Panchayath 1999- 2001 Kalanjoor Grama Panchayath
45 Research and Development of Keracraft with Participation of Keracraft Workers 2000- 2002 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
46 Gender, Poverty and Health of Women in the Ur organized Sector A Case Study of Agricultural and Construction Laborers in Kodumbu Panchayath 2000- 2002 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
47 Technical Support to Kanjikuzhy Block (MEDICOM) 2006- 2007 Kanjikuzhy Block Panchayath
48 An Action Research Programme for Improving Sanitation Facilities in Waterlogged Areas 2000- 2003 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
49 Programme for establishing networks of sustainable small scale oyster mushroom production units through field groups of rural women 2000- 2003 DST, Govt. of India
50 Women Technology Park 2007- 2008 DST, GOI
51 Problems of the problem children – A study 2000- 2003 In house
52 Micro analysis of problems of displacement of women agriculture laborers with special reference to Pokkali Fields of Vypinkaram Kerala 2000- 2003 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
53 A feasibility study of Thippilikayam Micro Hydel Project- Vandazhy Grama Panchayath 2001- 2002 Vandazhy Grama Panchayath
54 Participatory Resource Mapping: Munderi, Karivellur-Peralam, Chelora, Narath, Pinarayi, Peralassery, Kottur, Pariyaram, Kottayam Poyil and Thavanur Grama Panchayaths, Kannur, Malappuram and Kozhikode Dist., Kerala 2001- 2003 The respective Grama Panchayaths of Kerala
55 Development of new technique for the preservation of coconut leaves and Bamboo poles using Copper Sulphate as preservative material 2001- 2002 STEC, Govt. of Kerala
56 Analysis of contents in school text books 2001- 2003 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
57 Study on Panchayati Raj and Child Care Services 2002- 2003 Mobile Crèches, New Delhi
58 An investigation into the problem of wastage in the engineering colleges in Kerala 2002- 2003 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
59 Preparation of Watershed Based Master Plan for Perambra Block Panchayath, Kozhikode Dist. 2002- 2003 Perambra Block Panchayath
60 Development of natural rubber latex coating compound for the modification of Thermocole hotbox for improving durability 2002- 2004 DST, Govt. of India
61 Aquaculture Dropouts in Kerala; A critical Evaluation of the issues of sustainability of aquaculture development in Kerala 2002- 2004 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
62 A detailed investigation on the effects of high harmonics and low power factor of the energy efficient lighting devices in a typical rural electrical distribution system 2002- 2004 KSEB, Thiruvananthapuram
63 Development of type designs for total management of solid waste in small and medium towns with instruction, handbook costs, etc. complete 2002- 2004 KRPLLD, CDS,
64 Ecosystem management and income generation of forest dweller study on the feasibility of a non-wood forest product based micro enterprise in Peechi Vazhani Wild Life Sanctuary, Thrissur, Kerala 2002- 2004 KRPLLD, CDS,
65 Sickle cell disease among tribal’s in Attappadi, Kerala 2003 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
66 Socio economic mobility and development in Kerala; a study across three generations 2003 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
67 Study on gender profile in Kerala 2003 Dept. of Women and Child, Govt. of India
68 An assessment of NWDPRA watershed programme implemented at Nellaya Grama Panchayath 2003 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
69 Workshop on Rural Technologies 2003 KRPLLD, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram
70 Workshop on Strategies for conservation of Water in Palakkad 2003 Palakkad District Panchayath
71 Preparation of Watershed Based Master Plan for Thrithala Block, Malampuzha block, Chelannur Block Panchayath, Balussery Block Panchayath and Kadaplamattom Grama Panchayath, Palakkad, Kottayam, Kozhikode dt., Kerala 2003- 2004 The respective Panchayaths of Kerala
72 An Orientation workshop on creative science writing for teachers and students of secondary stage 2004 NCSTC, Govt. of India
73 Year of Scientific awareness 2004 2004 KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala
74 Solid waste management project of Palakkad Municipality- Consultancy 2004 Palakkad Municipality
75 Technical support to Kanjikkuzhi and Aryad blocks 2004 Joint committee of Aryad and Kanjikkuzhi Blocks
76 Preparation of Watershed Based Master Plan for Chittoor block Panchayath, Palakkad dt. 2004- 2006 RSVY, Palakkad
77 Value Addition of Terra-cotta Materials by Modernization of Techniques and Introduction of Innovative Products 2004- 2006 DST, Govt. of India
78 Estimation and mapping of Fluoride concentration in Three Panchayaths of Chittoor, Palakkad, Kerala 2005- 2006 KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala
79 Preparation of Watershed Based Master Plan for Kollankode block Panchayath, Palakkad dt. 2004- 2005 Rashtreeya Sam Vikas Yojana (RSVY), Palakkad
80 Preparation of Watershed Based Master Plan for Panthalayani Block Panchayath, Kozhikode dt., and Mundur Grama Panchayaths, Kerala 2004- 2005 The respective Block Panchayaths of Kerala
81 Women’s Technology Park at IRTC campus Mundur, Palakkad 2003- 2007 DST, Govt. of India
82 Watershed master plan for Panthalayani and Kollankode block Panchayaths 2005-06 Rashtreeya Sam Vikas Yojana, Govt. Of India, Block Panchayath, Panthalayani
83 Watershed master plan Chittoor Block 2004- 05 RSVY. Gov. Of India
84 Hariyali Project Malampuzha Block 2006-07 Ministry of Rural Development Gov. Of India
85 Watershed master plan for Thodannoor Block 2008-09 Thodannoor block Panchayath
86 Watershed master plan for Thooneri block 2008-09 Thooneri block Panchayath
87 Watershed master plan Palakkad block Panchayath 2008-09 Palakkad Block Panchayath
88 Watershed master plan Thalasseri block Panchayath 2008-09 Thalasseri block Panchayath
89 Watershed master plan Karimba gram Panchayath 2008-09 Karimba gap
90 Watershed master plan Keralassery gram Panchayath 2008-09 Keralassery gram Panchayath
91 Watershed master plan thalikkulam gram Panchayath 2008-09 Thalikkulam gram Panchayath
92 Watershed master plan Kozhikode block Panchayath 2008-09 Kozhikode block
93 Hariyali project Malampuzha block Panchayath 2008-09 Ministry of Rural Development Gov. Of India
94 Hariyali project Ollookkara block Panchayath 2008-09 Ministry of Rural Development Gov. Of India
95 Hariyali project Chelannoor block Panchayath 2008-09 Ministry of Rural Development Gov. Of India
96 Western Ghats Development Program, Sreekrishnapuram Panchayath 2008-09 Ministry of Rural Development Gov. Of India
97 Western Ghats Development Program, Ullannoor gram Panchayath 2008-09 Ministry of Rural Development Gov. Of India
98 Watershed master plan Mundur gram Panchayath 2006-07 Mundur gram Panchayath
99 Watershed master plan Sreekandapuram gram Panchayath 2006-07 Sreekandapuram gram Panchayath
100 Watershed master plan Kunnummal Block Panchayath 2006-07 Kunnummal block Panchayath
101 Watershed master plan Thazhekkode gram Panchayath 2006-07 Thazhekkode Panchayath
102 SWM documentation handbook preparation 2006-07 Kerala Sanitation Mission Gov. of Kerala
103 Fluoride mapping for 3 gram Panchayaths in Chittoor block 2006-07 KSCSTE Gov. of Kerala
104 Fabrication of cardamom dryer 2006-07 KSCSTE Gov. of Kerala
105 Rural engineering centre establishing 2006-07 KSCSTE Gov. of Kerala
106 GNU Linux base system for participatory resource management for Akatthethara gram Panchayath 2006-07 KSCSTE Gov. of Kerala
107 Setting up of central unit for fish farmers and breeding centre 2006-07 DST Gov. of India
108 SWM Plant for Palakkad municipality 2006-07 RSVY
109 SWM Plant for Methala Gram Panchayath 2006-07 Methala gram Panchayath
110 Technical consultancy to Meenvallom Small Hydro project of 3MW. 2006-07 Palakkad small hydro company
111 Technical support to MEDICOM for micro enterprise development 2006-07 Mararikkulam BP
112 Women Technology Park 2006-07 DST Gov. of India
113 Value addition of terracotta materials 2006-07 DST Gov. of India
114 Technical support to Tsunami Rehabilitation Program 2006-07 Dept. of Fisheries Govt. of Kerala
115 National workshop on children’s science literature 2006-07 NCSTE Gov. of India
116 MHO & MMHFW Project 1999-2000 WHO
117 Watershed master plan for Elikkulam gram Panchayath 2007-08 Elikkulam gram Panchayath
118 WSP Peralasseri Gram Panchayath 2007-08 Peralasseri GP
119 WSP Thodannoor BP 2007-08 Thodannoor BP
121 District perspective plan for Kozhikode 2009-10 MGNREGS Gov of India
122 Digitisation of perspective plan of 65 GPs in Kozhikode district 2009-10 Concerned GPs
123 Rain water harvesting for institutions 2009-10 Concerned institutions
124 Sustainable Job Generating Activity in SC colonies in Palakkad district 2009-10 DST GOV INDIA
125 Standardization and appropriate process of value added products on jack fruit 2009-10 KSCSTE
126 Design and development of improved biomass stove for domestic and community use 2009-10 KSCSTE
127 Adopting and popularising training to enhance income from rabbit farm 2009-10 DST
128 Field testing of dry compost latrine for water logged areas 2010-11 Dept . of Drinking Water supply MRD Gov of India
129 Setting up Rural Industries Service Centre for Pottery 2010-11 KVIC Gov. of India
130 Theeramythri management council formation 2010-11 Dept of fisheries Gov of Kerala
131 SWM plant for Palakkad municipality 2010-11 Palakkad municipality
132 Integrated Housing and Slum Development Project IHSDP for Ottappalam municipality 2010-11 Ministry of Urban Development gov. of India
133 IHSDP Palakkad municipality 2010-11 Ministry of Urban Development gov of India
134 Capacity building training for TMC leaders 2010-11 Dept of Fisheries GoK
135 Translation adaptation of Radio Science Serials 2010-11 Vigyan Prasar New Delhi
136 Sensitisation program for chemistry teachers 2010-11 Vigyan Prasar New Delhi
137 SWM plant for Kunnamkulam municipality 2010-11 Kunnamkulam municipality
138 SWM plant for Guruvayur municipality 2010-11 Guruvayur municipality
139 Slaughter house for Kunnamkulam municipality 2010-11 Kunnamkulam municipality
140 Integrated low cost sanitation for kanjangad municipality 2010-11 Kanjangad municipality
141 SWM plant for Chittoor Thatthamangalam municipality 2011-12 Chittoor Thatthamangalam municipality
142 Biogas plant for thrissur district Panchayath institutions 2011-12 Thrissur DP
143 Biogas plant for district hospital Cheruthoni 2011-12 Hospital development authority
144 Biogas plant for Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala 2011-12 Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala
145 Solid waste capping for Guruvayur municipality 2011-12 Guruvayur municipality
146 Biogas plant for Kozhikode medical college 2011-12 Medical college Kozhikode
147 Biogas plant for Chittoor govt. College 2011-12 Chittoor municipality
148 Pre metric hostel Attappady 2011-12 Tribal Department Gov of Kerala.
149 Portable biogas plant for Kundara GP 2011-12 Kundara GP
150 Gender Status Study 2002- 2005 MHRD, GOI
151 Pipe compost for Keezhparambu GP 2011-12 Keezhparambu gap
152 Pipe compost for Areekkode gap 2011-12 Areekkode gap
153 Pipe compost for Kozhikode corporation 2011-12 Kozhikode corporation
154 SWM plant for Alappuzha municipality 2011-12 Alappuzha municipality
155 Pot compost and vermi compost for Alappuzha municipality 2011-12 Alappuzha municipality
156 Portable biogas plant ,pipe compost & ring compost in various LSGD s & institutions 2011-12 Through PPC
157 Evaluation of total sanitation campaign in Malappuram and Kannur districts 2009-2012 Sanitation mission gov of Kerala
158 Domestic water conservation units and domestic waste management units 2009-2012 ISHWDP
159 Integrated development plan for Vadakara BP 2009-2012 Vadakara BP
160 Watershed master plan for GPs in Kozhikode Palakkad and Malappuram districts 2009-2012 Concerned GPs and BPs
161 Theeramythri Project-SAF 2012-13 Dept. of Fisheries
162 NREGS Watershed master plan for GPs & Bps 2012-13 LSGD
163 Portable biogas plant ,pipe compost & ring compost in various LSGD s 2012-2013 Through PPC
164 Portable biogas plant ,pipe compost & ring compost in various LSGD s 2013-14 Through PPC
165 Community /Institutional level Biogasplant in various LSGD s & institutions 2013-14 IRTC Implementation
166 Resource support organisation for NABARD – NHWDP 20011-2014 NABARD
167 NHWDP with IRTC as PFA 2009-2014 NABARD
168 Development of ROTO moulded household biogas plants with water jacket 2013-14 KSCSTE
169 Western Ghat Development Programme of Sreekrishnapuram GramaPanchayath 2012-15 LSGD
170 Western Ghat Development Programme of Thrthala GramaPanchayath 2014-16 LSGD
171 Pottery Cluster -Puthukkode 2014-15 Dist. Panchayath, Palakkad
172 Theeramythri Project-SAF 2014-15 Dept. of Fisheries
173 IWMP DPR for Thuneri Block Panchayath 2014-15 LSGD
174 Community /Institutional level Biogasplant in various LSGD s & institutions 2014-15 IRTC Implementation
175 Portable biogas plant ,pipe compost & ring compost in various LSGD s 2014-15 Through PPC
176 IWMP DPR for Pampakkuda,Kanjikkuzhi&Chittur Block Panchayaths 2015-16 LSGD
177 Community /Institutional level Biogasplant in various LSGD s & institutions(Waste Management Projects) 2015-16 IRTC Implementation
178 EM Preparation for effective Aerobic Composting- Project 2015-16 KSCSTE
179 Emeritus Scientist Scheme-Assessment of Bamboo productivity and Mapping 2015-16 KSCSTE
180 Promotion of Farmers Producers organisation 2015-17 NABARD
181 Study on sustainable use of Water resources -SORF 2015-16 DST
182 Theeramythri Project-SAF 2015-16 Dept. of Fisheries
183 Smokeless Chulah -silent Valley 2015-16 Forest Dept
184 Smokeless Chulah -Akathethara SWM 2015-16 LSGD
185 Smokeless Chulah -Nemmara divn. 2015-16 Forest Dept
186 Tehnical Consultancy -Palakkuzhy Small Hydel Project 2015-16 Dist. Panchayath, Palakkad
187 Pottery Cluster -Peravoor 2015-16 NABARD
188 TDF project for Puthur GP inAttappadi 2015-20
189 Theeramythri Project-SAF 2016-17 Dept. of Fisheries
190 DPR preparation of 3 Backward Grama panchayath – Keralasseri, Vellinezhi and Poomangalam Gps 2016-17 KLGSDP
191 Emeritus Scientist Scheme-Assessment of Bamboo productivity and Mapping 2016-17 KSCSTE
192 Hands on Training on fabrication of Portabale Biogas plant 2016-17 State Nirmithi Kendra
193 Mushroom Training 2016-17 BIRD-KSCSTE
194 Study onthe effectiveness of Bacilus sp enriched EM solution as apartial substitute for fresh cowdung 2016-17 KSCSTE
196 Coresupport Grant 2012-17 SEED Division-DST
197 Centre of Excellence in waste Management -Additional Grant in aid 2016-17 KSCSTE
198 Emeritus Scientist Scheme-Assessment of Bamboo productivity and Mapping 2017-18 KSCSTE
199 Grantin Aid for Science Technology Institution 2017-2018 KSCSTE
200 Centre of Excellence in waste Management -Additional Grant in aid (Non-plan) 2017-18 KSCSTE
201 Theeramythri Project 2017-18 SAF-Dept. of Fisheries
202 Preparation of Watershed Based Masterplan for Punnayoor,Mangalam,Triprangod,Thirunavaya, Kadappuram,Edapatta Gp’s 2017-18 (Gramapanchayaths)- LSGD
203 Preparation of Watershed Based Masterplan for Kozhikode BP 2017-18 (Kozhikode BP)- LSGD
204 Thirur -Ponnani puzha samrakshanam 2017-18 (Malappuram DP)- LSGD
205 Master plan for Karimkulam GP 2017-18 LSGD- (Grama Panchayath)
206 Feasibility study of SHP Vellachattappara 2017-18 Alanallur GP
207 Feasibility study of Eco tourism& boating in muthalamoorkn kadavu ,VellinezhiGP 2017-18 Vellinezhi GP
208 Grantin Aid for Science Technology Institution (Plan) 2004-2018 KSCSTE
209 Padanodhyanam 2019-20 UNICEF
210 Luca Online Science Quiz 2019-20 UNICEF
211 Role of Local Governments in Enhancing School Experiences- Case Study on Thrissur Dist. Panchayath 2019-20 UNICEF
212 Training Impact Assesment- Capacity Building for Urban Local Body Officials 2018-19 KILA
213 Training Impact Assement- Child Friendly Local Governance 2018-19 KILA
214 Performance Assessment of tribal residential schools in Kerala 2018-19 Kerala State Planning Board
215 Enchancement of buds institutions 2017-18 LSGD
216 Enhancing the Employibility of Eductaed Tribal Youth of Attapady 2017-19 Scheduled Tdevelopment Dept.
217 Asessing the Impact of floods and landslides on tribal livelihood in Attapady 2018-19 Biodiversity Board
218 Green Audit and Energy Audit 2019-20 Rajagiri college
219 Green Audit and Energy Audit 2019-20 Maharajas College
220 Clean Chaliyar Based masterplan report preperation 2017-2018 Nilambur Block Panchjayath
221 Watershed based masterplan preperation 2017-2018 Edappatta Gramapanchayath
222 Watershed based masterplan report preperation 2017-2018 Kadappuram Gramapanchayath
223 Watershed based masterplan report preperation 2018-2019 Kozhikode Block PanchayathP
224 Watershed based masterplan report preperation 2018-2019 Mangalam Gramapanchayath
225 Watershed based masterplan report preperation 2018-2019 Melattoor Gramapanchayath
226 Watershed based masterplan report preperation 2018-2019 Punnayur Gramapanchayath
227 Watershed based masterplan report preperation 2018-2019 Thirunavaya Gramapanchayath
228 Watershed based masterplan report preperation 2018-2019 Thriprangode Gramapanchayath
229 Thirur Ponnani River based masreplan report preperation 2018-2019 Malapuram District Panchayath
230 Watershed based masterplan report preperation 2018-2019 Karumkulam Gramapanchayath
231 Olipuzha Based masterplan report preperation 2019-2020 Karuvarakundu Gramapanchayath
232 Watershed based masterplan report preperation 2020-2021 Thannaloor Gramapanchayath
233 Watershed based masterplan report preperation 2020-2021 Ozhur Gramapanchayath
234 National Holistic Watershed Development Programme -Resource Supporting Agency 2012-2015 NABARD
235 National Holistic Watershed Development Programme (14 Watersheds in Palakkad) 2009-2015 NABARD
236 Sustainabilty Development Programme (22Watersheds) in Palakkad 2018-2019 NABARD
237 NABARD Kfw Soil project 8 Watersheds in Palakkad 2020-2022 NABARD
238 Ttribal development fund- Attapady (Pudur Gramapanchayath) 2015-2020 NABARD
239 Ttribal development fund -Nilambur (Chaliyar and Urgattiri Grama Panchayaths) 2020-2025 NABARD
240 State wide training for Harithakarmasena on Waste Management 2019-2020 KILA
241 Aerobic compost unit, Material Recovery Facility 2019-2020 Thaluk Hospital, Parasala
242 Aerobic Compost Unit 4 Nos. 2019-2020 2. Karumkulam Grama Panchayath
243 Community Bio gas plants at schools 2019-2020 3. Pothankode Block Panchayath
244 Aerobic compost Units at various institutions 2019-2020 Chadayamangalam Block Panchayath
245 500 kg capacity Biogas plant at Kadakkal Market 2019-2020 Kadakkal Grama Panchayath
246 Aerobic Compost Units at market and School 2019-2020 Poruvazhi Grama Panchayath
246 Aerobic Compost Units at two centres 2019-2020 Kummil Grama panchayath
247 Aerobic compost unit at Block Panchayath compound 2019-2020 Mavelikara Block Panchayath
248 Aerobic compost unit and MCF 2019-2020 Muhamma Grama Panchayath
249 Community Bio gas plant 2019-2020 Krishnapuram Grama Panchayath
250 Aerobic compost Units 2019-2020 Muthukalam Block Panchayath
251 Aerobic Compost Units at 5 centres 2019-2020 Ala Grama Panchayath
252 M C F and Aerobic compost units 2019-2020 Cheriyanadu Grama Panchayath
253 Community Bio gas plant, Aerobic Compost Units 2019-2020 Chingoli Grama Panchayath
254 Aerobic compost Units 2019-2020 Chengannur Municipality
255 Aerobic compost Units 2019-2020 Kodumon Grama panchayath
256 Aerobic Compost Unit at Market 2019-2020 Ranni-Pazhavangadi
257 Aerobic compost Units 2019-2020 Omallur Grama Panchayath
258 MCF and Aerobic Compost unit 2019-2020 Medical College Kottayam
259 Aerobic Compost unit at 2 centers 2019-2020 Poonjar Grama Panchayath
260 Aerobic Compost Unit two ton capacity per day 2019-2020 Erattupetta Municipality
261 Aerobic Compost Unit at 3 centers 2019-2020 Panachikadu Grama Panchayath
262 Aerobic Compost Unit at2 centers 2019-2020 Kanjirappiilly Block Panchayath
263 Aerobic Compost Units at 6 centers 2019-2020 Ayarkkunnam Grama Panchayath
264 Aerobic Compost Units at 3 centers 2019-2020 Uzhavoor Grama Panchayath
265 Community Bio Gas Plant 2019-2020 Santhanpara Grama Panchayath
267 Aerobic Compost Unit 2019-2020 Nedumkandam Grama Panchayath
268 Community Bio Gas plants 2 Nos, 100 kg per day Capacity 2019-2020 Sree Sankara University, Kalady
269 Aerobic Compost Unit at Bus stand 2019-2020 Chottanikkara Grama Panchayath
270 Windrow Composting Plant and MCF 2019-2020 Medical College, Thrissur
271 Bio-Park, Aerobic Compost Unit, Rain water harvest 2019-2020 KILA Campus , Mulankunnathukav
272 Aerobic Compost Unit, Ring Compost Units 2019-2020 Iringalakuda Municipality
273 Material Recovery Facility Centre 2019-2020 Elavally Grama Panchayath
274 Bio Gas Plant 2019-2020 Nattika S. N College
275 Aerobic Compost Unit 2019-2020 Kadavallur Grama Panchayath
276 Bio Gas Plant, Rain water harvest , Drainage 2019-2020 District Hospital Palakkad
277 Windrow compost unit 2019-2020 Puthuppariyaram Grama Panchayath
278 Windrow compost, MCF 2019-2020 Nenmara Grama Panchayath
279 Community Bio Gas Plant – Gobardhan Scheme 2019-2020 Puthussery Grama Panchayath
280 Aerobic Compost Unit 2019-2020 Kannadi Grama Panchayath
281 Aerobic Compost Unit 2019-2020 Alathur Grama Panchayath
282 Aerobic Compost Unit 2019-2020 Ottappalam Municipality
283 Community Bio Gas Plant 2019-2020 Govt. College Kozhinjampara
284 Community Bio Gas Plant 2019-2020 Thalkkad Grama Panchayth
285 Community Bio Gas Plant 2019-2020 Perumpadappu Grama Panchayath
286 Ring Compost Units 2019-2020 Thanur Municipality
287 Rain water Harvesting, Aerobic Compost 2019-2020 Women ITI, Kozhikode
288 Aerobic Compost unit 2019-2020 Thalassery Municipality
299 Aerobic Compost unit 2019-2020 Anthoor Municipality
300 Ring Compost 2019-2020 Pariyaram Grama Panchayath