Pottery and Decoupage

IRTC has marked its fingerprints in the pottery sector of Kerala through its modernisation and product diversification. Since potter community is one among the deprived section in Kerala, IRTC could create a new pathway for ensuring the upgradation of their skills.The technological innovations of IRTC could remove the drudgery of potters and ensure new horizons of market.We have introduced a host of interventions including training for potters, introduction of motorized wheels, pug-mills, value-addition of pottery products, managerial support etc. Deserving special mention is the introduction of Decoupage, a French art form for value addition of pottery products. We are also into the field of ornamental pottery.The pottery division also provides hand holding support to potters in availing various government schemes and programmes meant for them.

The pottery unit of IRTC has extensively interacted with potters in Palakkad and Kannur districts through the support of project by NABARD, Palakkad District Panchayat and Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. IRTC could develop potters’ clusters in Palakkad and Peravur block of Kannur district and adopted potters villages in Palakkad district and could intervene for the betterment of the life of the artisans. We were also able to provide intensive training to more than 1000 artisans all over the state. Currently, we are running a JLG unit for the finished decoupage product development named Chithrakala. And this unit is totally run by women trained by IRTC. There is a higher relevance in replicating the interventions of IRTC all over the state.