Fresh water fish cultivation and ornamental fish cultivation are offered by IRTC as livelihood based activities. Training and continuous support are given in both areas. Ornamental Aquaculture was a major project of IRTC in the 1990s. IRTC was also an accredited training centre of MPEDA.  There is a well-equipped breeding and rearing facility and aquarium attached to the division. Recently, IRTC has turned from ornamental aquaculture to the farming and promotion of edible fishes.

We have experimented different innovative technologies such as Aquaponics, Re-circulatory Aquaculture and Bioflocs for promoting the house hold level production of edible fishes. Presently IRTC is offering trainings on RAC and Biofloc, which has a higher potential in meeting the dietary requirements of households of Kerala. It is also relevant in the contemporary context where the coastal fish catch and inland fish production are gradually depleting. The institution has been able to provide technical support to hundreds of entrepreneurs who are interested to engage in the sector. Apart from the trainings, sale of fingerlings and fresh water fish varieties is also undertaken. Short-term trainings, internships and project assistance are also given to UG/PG students in related fields.