Samata Village

The Samata Village of IRTC is a unique enterprise that is into the sales and services of IRTC products as well as others, primarily in the area of agriculture and allied fields. It has created employment opportunities for several women in the locality. It is an agriculture program initiated by PPC based on the experience IRTC had gained during the last 30 years. When IRTC started its work in this area, we understood that farmers were not getting quality seed and seedlings. There was also an absence of technical services, advices and proper assistance in using technology to enhance their production and quality of product. They were not able to market their products in a profitable manner. And most of them were not aware about integrated farming. Parishad Production Centre started Samata Village, which aims to provide the following services to farmers.

  • Quality seeds and seed items
  • Technical support services
  • Orientation on modern farming systems
  • Training programme to familiarise different agricultural machineries and tools
  • Promoting integrated farming
  • Promoting good agricultural practice
  • Training programmes on value addition
  • Marketing of Agriproducts and other value added products
  • Educate farmers about the various schemes and projects of both State and Central governments.

What we have now

Gramakala- A sales outlet

You can have a glimpse of varieties of artifacts and carry it to your homes from Gramakala. Art work in wood, ceramic, pottery and gift items are available here. Gramakala is into the sales of handloom products.


The nursery as part of Samata Village sells all varieties of garden plants, fruit saplings, seeds, vegetable saplings, garden products.


This is a small eatery, which provides exotic juices, snacks and homely food.