Parishad Production Centre

Parishad production centre is an initiative of IRTC and stands for popularizing the research output of (technology and products) IRTC in different fields. PPC focus on developing sustainable livelihood programs based on the experience of the activities done by IRTC in this area. At present PPC have five divisions- Solid Waste Management, Rural Engineering Centre, Toiletries, Samata and Energy..


Established as the soaps and toiletries division of IRTC, PPC works on the twin philosophy of livelihood generation and alternative politics to the advent of globalisation. Mobilisation of local resources and utilization of locally available rural human resources is what makes it a unique, viable and replicable model of employment generation. IRTC has launched the production of toiletry items during 1990s and it has gained momentum during the US Iraq war in 2000. Being a research division of the Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad, IRTC has provided technical support to KSSP’s campaigning for boycotting the foreign products particularly the products by US and UK. The production of bathing soaps using coconut oil was a unique practice by IRTC which has a larger dimension of supporting coconut farmers in Kerala. A society called Samatha Production Center was registered for this purpose and thousands of activists and entrepreneurs were trained in the production of soaps, detergents and other toiletry items. Rather than following a centralised production approach IRTC attempted to develop a production network all over Kerala by distributing the production kit to the local producers. Eventually, IRTC has developed an autonomous sister concern named PPC and currently it is a well-established production centre of toiletry items in Kerala.

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management division work on the production and distribution of solid waste management devices. Division is having a wide range of products which is suitable for organic waste management   in various levels like household, community and institutions. They are Kitchen bin, Bio Composter bin, Bucket compost and Portable biogas plants with various capacities.

House hold level

  • Bio Composter bin
  • Bio Composter pot
  • Kitchen bin
  • Bucket Compost
  • Portable biogas plant from 0.5m3 to 2m3 capacity
  • Vermi compost units.

Community level

  • Aerobic composter at different capacities.
  • Windro composting plants of different capacities.
  • Thumboormuzhi composting system.
  • Vermi compost system
  • Waste  water treatment plants
  • Plastic shredding systems
  • Bailing systems.

REC- Rural Engineering Centre

Rural Engineering Centre is a support centre for rural folk in order to assist them with suitable technical support in terms of tools, simple machineries etc., which will reduce their labour in agriculture, small scale industry and other sectors. REC also serves as the identity where lots of people come to do research in developing tools and machinery as per their requirement. REC has developed mechanized pug mill and pottery wheel to enhance the production of pottery which has drastically increased their production capacity and thus helped improve their quality of life. REC is an authorized service provider for KCMMC (Kerala Coir Machinery Manufacturing Company) and aids the maintenance of the machinery in the districts of Thrissur, Palakkad, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Kannur and Kasaragod.

Mechanism and tools developed by REC

  • Pug mill
  • Pottery wheel
  • Mechanical sieve
  • Energy efficient stove
  • Energy efficient dry digester
  • Willowing machine
  • Plastic and inorganic shredder agro tools and machineries
  • Poly house
  • Repair and maintenance jobs

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