Project Implementation Unit

The Project Implementation Unit (PIU) of IRTC started functioning in 2016 with the objective to find an amicable solution for the issues related to waste management suffered by Kerala. PIU also implement various projects for the Government of Kerala. It was formulated as an extension of the research and development activities carried out by IRTC for more than three decades in the State. As a research organisation and an accredited agency of the Government of Kerala in waste management, IRTC considers it as its social responsibility to initiate sustainable practices in the sector. Within a short span of time IRTC- PIU has signed agreements with more than 300 organisations, including Local Self Government Institutions, for the planning, execution and maintenance of projects and programmes related to waste management. The services of PIU are in great demand across the state.

  • The major organisations supported by PIU in implementing waste management:
  • Govt. Medical Colleges- Thiruvananthapuram, Manjeri, Idukki, Thrissur, Kottayam.
  • Govt. Medical Colleges- Thiruvananthapuram, Manjeri, Idukki, Thrissur, Kottayam.
  • Hospitals- Dist. Hospital Palakkad, Kottathara – Attapady, Parassala Taluk Hospital.
  • Milma- Palakkad, Alappuzha
  • District Cooperative Bank- Palakkad
  • District Panchayath- Palakkad
  • Block Panchayaths- 12 Nos in 4 Districts
  • Municipalities- 17 in 7 Districts
  • Municipal Corporation- 1
  • Gram Panchayaths- 245 in13 Districts

Mode of Operation

The IRTC- PIU team members and service providers contact the LSGIs on the basis of their direct inquiries. After conducting discussions with the stakeholders, an appropriate plan and estimate is prepared. Once administrative and technical clearances are attained, agreements are signed with the respective local bodies. The projects are then completed with the help of service providers (sub-contractors) if required. PIU team supervises the activities in each phase of the execution. There are around 15 service providers to support PIU. The completion of the works and the final bills are to be provided by the PIU according to the agreement once the work is completed.


At present, the projects are undertaken under three categories- engineering projects, non-engineering projects and solar energy projects.

Engineering Projects: The engineering projects provide technological assistance in implementing community level waste management initiatives like Aerobic compost, Windrow compost, Community Bio-gas plants, MRF/MCF, School bin, Well recharge, etc.

Non-Engineering Projects: The non- engineering projects include providing technological assistance in installing household level Bio-gas and distribution of Bio- bin, Kitchen- bins, etc.