GIS & Remote sensing

Geographical Information System ((GIS) cell of IRTC is functioning under the broad umbrella of NRM division. IRTC has set up a well-equipped GIS lab. A WebGIS based Decision Support System is in place to help various stakeholders, including Panchayaths for preparing action plans for soil and water conservation, improving agriculture productivity, livelihood support programmes and creation of other durable assets. The GIS cell is also capable of supporting LSGIs in developing their disaster management plans. GIS cell has also ventured into the mapping of disaster prone areas with a particular focus on landslides and mud slips. The GIS lab uses free and open source software and also provides training in the open source platform to various beneficiaries including students, professionals and researchers. GIS cell is presently offering diversified training programmes to agriculture officers, panchayat secretaries, development planners and engineers working in construction and design. It has already completed 7 rounds of training to different beneficiaries.