Annual Assessment meeting held at IRTC

Annual assessment cum training meeting of IRTC HSS coordinators were held at IRTC campus on April 8-9. Quarterly assessment of the performance of coordinators were made and training was provided to them. The performance of each local body, as well as further procedures to be done by them, were discussed in detail. IRTC is currently providing technical support for waste management for 60 panchayats, 3 municipalities and 1 corporation comprising a total of 64 local bodies. During last year IRTC had provided support for more than 120 local bodies in the state.

IRTC has taken a mixed approach considering the unique challenges of each local body to constitute a comprehensive waste management plan. Dividing each local body to clusters; meetings and awareness programmes are conducted on a regular basis. IRTC further paved the way for the formation and swift functioning of Harithakarmasena (the green army mostly constituting women who work at the grass-root level to collect and segregate waste from households) which has exponentially contributed in achieving the strategies for waste management goals of the local bodies.