Completed Projects


The department of fisheries, Government of Kerala implemented a livelihood programme during 2006 -2010 covering the nine coastal districts of the state. The programme conceived as part of the post tsunami rehabilitation efforts implemented with the support of three schemes, 


  • Tsunami Emergency Assistance Project [TEAP]
  • Tsunami Rehabilitation Programme [TRP]
  • Prime Ministers National Relief Fund [PMNRF]

These three schemes stood inside the Project Implementation Unit [PIU] run directly by the fisheries department. SAF, FIRMA, ADAC, Mathsyafed etc were the projects running during that period of time. Among this [SAF] Society for Assistance for Fisherwomen. This was the most prominent project among the above, and the managerial and implementation support was provided by IRTC during 2007-2010 in training and making Home Made Toiletry and Rural Marketing Executives. The growth of these projects was the prime concern during that stage.

In the second stage the sustainability of the project became the issue as the official time period was over and the project was about to wind up.  In order stop the shutting down procedure in 2011 Theeramythri was implemented.  SAF provided the space for Theeramythri and federated the category of enterprises. The efforts and activities made by Theeramythri for the sustainability of the enterprises have to be documented. The whole orientation of the programme before 2011 was to extend the activities to all coastline areas and later it catalyzed the activity groups to function effectively under Theeramythri. Thus the methodology and other allied components used in this process have to be documented properly.

Nearing the completion, the project has so far proved to be the best model in livelihood support. The livelihood programme benefited around on lakh families. The alternative livelihoods component addressed ten thousand coastline families through supporting around two thousand five hundred micro enterprises. These included a wide range from one time support for existing units to seeding and developing micro enterprises of various types. The survival rate of Theeramythri units are reasonably higher that the other micro level enterprise initiatives in Kerala including kudumbasree.

Watershed Based Projects

  • Block level Watershed Master plan 10 Bolck Panchayahs of Kerala
  • Watershed Masterplan Preparation for MNREGS 150 grama Panchayaths of Kerala
  • Hariyali watershed implementation for 30 Gps
  • IWMP Watershed DPR for 2 Block Panchayaths
  • WGDP watershed Implementation for1 Gp
  • NABARD Holistic Watershed Programme PFA for 12 Watersheds
  • NABARD Holistic Watershed Programme -Resource support Organisation for 45 watersheds

Solid Waste Managent Projects

a. Portable Biogas Plants- 6488 Nos       |

b. PipeCompost Units - 25039 Nos        | Covered 98 Grama panchayaths

c. Ring compos/bins etc - 82 Nos         |

d. Solid Waste Management Plants constructed in 10 Local bodies

e. Fixed Dome Biogas Plants(night soil) 55 Nos

Technical consultancy for Small hydel Project-Meenvallom Project

Technical consultancy for Small hydel Project-Meenvallom Project

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