Budha Statue under the tree

The southern railway divisional office, palakkad and the Integrated Rural Technology Centre ( IRTC ), Mundur, Palakkad jointly worked out the project of installing a "Budha Statue under the tree" in its office premises. Budha simbolises love, peace and tranquility. Budhism teaches compassion and empathy for all. it teaches us how faith in ourselves and practice of self decipline can make us positive human beings. teachings of buddha is accepted world wide irrespective of caste, creed and relegion.

Irtc choose this concept because of its elegance and social commitements involved in this work. the 15 feet heigh bodhi tree and two and half feet heigh buddha statue were made in terracota mixing pottry and artistry in a very fine manner, imparting a new experience for the potter artist and the onlooker.

sree rageesh koottayi, a young artist with his magical touch supervised this art work taking the viewer to the meditating buddha, conveying his teachings `truth in action and right dharma` making him a better human being. in this effort sri rageesh koottayi needs to be appreciated.

2015-2016 | Integrated Rural Technology Centre ( IRTC ), Mundur
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