Training Programmes

Diffusing technological practices among the people is an integral part of IRTC’s mandate. Our process, tried, and true is sustainable for the following reasons: Technologies are taken up for dissemination only after sufficient field trials for economic viability and environmental sustainability have been conducted. IRTC has very good relationships with academic and research institutes in the state of Kerala and beyond, which helps ensure the viability of our educational methods. The parent body of IRTC is KSSP, the leading People’s Science Movement in India. It has over 2000 village level units and more than 40000 activists spread across the entire state. Field level monitoring of our programs is undertaken by this organizational set up, which also ensures the continuity of our dissemination practices.The public is informed of our programs through regular advertisements in local media as, well as by various other participating organizations.

Over the years, IRTC has conducted a number of training programmes in the following areas.

1. Installation of Smokeless Chulhas.

2. Making of Pottery Liners for Smokeless Chulhas.

3. Assembling of Electronic Ballast.

4. Low-cost Construction Techniques.

5. Rabbit Rearing

6. Mushroom Cultivation

7. Watershed Development Plan

8. Drainage Mapping

9. Participatory Resource Appraisal.

10. Panchayath Resource Mapping.

11. Preparation of Low-cost Teaching Learning Materials.

12. Rural Sanitation.

13. Soap Making.

14. Awareness Creation on women’s health and Women Empowerment.

15. Training Programme for Children’s Writers on Science.

16. Training on Identification of Bio-diversity.

17. Training on Peoples’ Planning at Panchayath Level.

18. Training of Artisans & Craftsmen for Upgradation of Skills.

19. Training on Sericulture Practices.

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