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Provided Training in Waste Management to 100 LSGs

Over One Hundred Local Self Government bodies in Kerala have participated in the training programme on waste management, conducted by Solid Waste Management Division of IRTC. Govt. of Kerala had entrusted IRTC with the mandate for better implementation of programmes in waste management and issued an order no. 832/2017, dated 23-03-2017.

Till now a total of 339 LSG officials and people's representatives have attended the training programme in 9 batches. Out of this, 131 were women. The training programme focused on introducing waste processing at the source, fecal waste management, waste management tools, GreenTech-BioTech, grey water treatment, management of waste materials, regional/local waste management methods and voluntary organizations for waste management.

Sessions in the training programme were led by experts from IRTC including Prof. V. R. Raghunandanan, Prof. B. M. Musthafa, V. Susmitha, Rahul Reghu, R. Deekshith, V. N. Divya, T. P. Sreesankar and K. K. Janardanan.